Workflow Monitor - Functions

Workflow Monitor - Functions

In the workflow monitor you have the option to multiple functions such as viewing or adding notes, taking actions or opening the Workflow Status update Form.
E- Launches the Workflow Status Update Form.

A - Allows you to directly choose an Action to move the workflow.  If the Action DOES NOT contain a it will take the action and the workflow will move without opening the Workflow Status Form. If the Action contains a it will open the Workflow Status for you to complete the tasks set at this step. 

You can also do a variety of file tasks from the Workflow Monitor. You will see a list of possible file tasks under File Actions.

Notebook - Opens a window to directly view files notes from the Workflow Monitor. You can group by Entity Type (Claimant, Client, Provider) or by Note Class. When grouped by Entity you also have the option to Add a Note from this window. You can add a note to the Claimant’s profile, the Primary Client’s profile, the Case or Service and the Provider’s Profile.

Hyper Links - There are also a variety of fields that contain hyperlinks in the Workflow Monitor.  These will open the profiles to which they are linked.  Some examples of fields that are hyperlink are: File Number, Client and Provider.

The Provider and Client Column will then further allow you to select if you would like to go to the profile, or a list of services.

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