Changes included in W5 Case version

Changes included in W5 Case version

What's New

Workflow Monitor 

Compact Layout 

The new option in Workflow Monitor, when turned on, will decrease the size of many of the columns to show as many columns as possible at the expense of sometimes not showing the full heading text.  Click the "Settings" button at the bottom of the form and then check the "Compact Layout" option.  W5 will also remember your setting for when you launch the Workflow Monitor the next time.

New Column:  "Earliest Pending Appt"  

Add the new column to your monitor through the column chooser. From the Case level, see the earliest ACTIVE (or pending) appointment date. This helps drive timelines based on appointment dates for active services previously not visible from the Case level. 

Case Panel Visibility

View case panels for any file when highlighting it directly from the Work Flow Monitor. 

Block Booking Calendar 


Blocks can now be added and reserved for a particular Service in addition to Location and Specialty. 

Schedule Templates and Provider Schedule Forms

Added options to delete blocks by right-clicking
Allow the Provider Code to be typed in without having to search for it using the search button - By hitting the Clear button and entering the new code

Booking Calendar

Add Reservations without file numbers  - Through the block editor pop-up when not in appointment mode
Press Enter to search ALL Names or Locations or once Name and/or Location is typed into their respective fields - No need to hit the Search button
Searching for Files within the Calendar has been simplified - New File Search Form has been created with common search criteria capabilities to pull a file into the calendar
Distance now appears beside each displayed Location - (Using the Claimant's Postal/Zip code as the starting point of distance)
Edit Provider Profiles directly from the Booking Calendar form using the Pencil icon to the left of their displayed name
Toggle back and forth between the Provider Search and Block Booking Calendar from both appointment and non appointment mode

Appointment Form

Checkbox displays when an appointment was scheduled using a blocked availability


SMS Text Messages

Using, W5 can now send text messages using the Action Trigger system. 
This can be used to contact anyone with a mobile phone number.  For instance, send messages to Providers, Clinics, or even Claimants for appointment reminders. 
Contact us via the Support portal for assistance in setting this up.
* A Twilio account is required.  The cost for sending text messages is billed directly to you from Twilio.

Outgoing Emails

Rather than using your own mail server/service to send out email notifications, you can now use SendGrid instead.  This is useful when your security group disallows access to your mail server or you do not want to worry about setting up and managing email accounts nor troubleshooting when emails are not being sent out. 
This feature works specifically for emails sent out via the Action Trigger Email response option only.
* A SendGrid account is required.  The cost for sending emails is billed directly to you from SendGrid.

Custom Report Features

 Run a Report to Email

You can now have W5 run the report in the background and emailed to you while you finish other work in W5.  No more waiting for reports to finish.

Offline Reporting - (hosted customers only)

If you have reports that take a long time to run, instead of running them on your production W5 database, they can be run on a secondary read-only copy of your database, which means that the report execution will not slow down any of the other users using W5 while it is processing.

Automated Exporting Enhancements

Ability to AUTO export a Custom Report in PDF/WORD/EXCEL format types to: 
  1. Save as a Document on a file 
  2. Save to a File on the server 
  3. Email (only accessible from within Custom reports or Custom processes)

Document Templates

Voucher Template

Ability to create a Document Template-based Voucher(Vendor Bill) saved to the Document Library. After setting the site option, a new folder will appear in the Document Library.

File Enhancements

Name Searching

 Version # for each Name is now shown within the search results beside each case

Document History 

Sorting documents within the history window is now available

Report Timelines

Option to turn off Report due /deadline date warnings by leaving the value blank or setting all criteria to all (*) and leaving them blank. 

Vendor Profiles

Profile Types

Vendor Maintenance - A Private Office or Clinic can now be converted to a Group Location

Accounting Features

A/R Collections - Additional Columns 

  1. Last Note - the most recent collection note along with the date it was entered
  2. Client Last Payment - the date of the most recent payment from the client, across all invoices
  3. Last Payment - the date of the most recent payment on the invoice
  4. Office

Background Enhancements

Fee Schedules

Client Rates - When W5 is configured to get the client rate from the Provider Rates' schedule, if the rate is not found, W5 will now fallback to get rate from the client fee schedule.


Records who and when a User adds an appointment and which user last updates the status 

Action Triggers - New Responses Added

  1. Send SMS Text Messages (Twilio account required)
  2. Execute On-Demand triggers on one or more files as a response from another Action Trigger
  3. Change the Service of a Service File
  4. Set Workflow Due Dates for a specific Workflow Class
  5. Changes to the "Email Summary on an Interval" Response - Ability to add Documents as Attachments
  6. New Event - Capture when a document is uploaded (after initial add or after an update)
  7. Missing Document - Scheduled Template - when the document is generated, set the Added date to the date the generated document is uploaded

W5 Outlook Add-In Fixes

  1. Many internal enhancements to resolve Office365/Exchange synchronization issues
  2. Enhancements to prevent emails/attachments from getting stuck as "queued"
  3. The add-in is now much more compatible with the "Optimize for best appearance" mode in Outlook
  4. Added a Diagnostics menu to help with troubleshooting
  5. When the add-in cannot connect initially, it will continue to retry the connection more persistently
  6. More detailed error logging including logs written to a file for later review
  7. Various user interface enhancements
  8. Fixed an issue where the W5 email region was showing up separated from Outlook and on another monitor
  9. Fixed an issue where the add-in was causing Outlook to lock MSG files that the user opens
  10. Fixed an issue where the user could not type into the File # field when running Outlook 2016 under Windows 10 1903 or higher

Other Fixes

  1. Strengthening of Data Access API
  2. Fixed in
    1. Document Maintenance - Save as PDF and Open - The "Save as type" drop down is empty
  3. Fixed in
    1. Eforms are sometimes losing their values when you click the Save button multiple times quickly
  4. Fixed in
    1. Document From Template - error in some cases: The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded
  5. Fixed in
    1. Custom Reports - Templated custom reports no longer fill in at all
  6. Fixed in
    1. Email Snippets - Long sentences don't wrap when there's an html signature in Outlook
    2. Block Calendar - when searching for vendor blocks, error: The statement has been terminated. Cannot insert the value NULL
    3. Workflow Monitor - Object reference not set to an instance of an object after creating new workflow step
  7. A/R Collections list - Takes a long time to return the data
  8. A/R Transaction List Report - Not paying attention to Office criteria when using a date range
  9. Accounting Export - Credit transactions are not being transmitted to QuickBooks
  10. Action Trigger - Document Export responses - errors occur when the document name contains invalid file name characters
  11. Action Trigger - Export Documents to a Folder Response - Documents with same document reference overwritten when exporting to a folder with file name based on "Document Reference" option
  12. Action Trigger - Not being executed when notes are added as a result of a sub-action from a Workflow
  13. Action Trigger - QA Timer Types condition does not work when the Type is longer than 20 characters
  14. Action Trigger - Response to set Primary Workflow Due Date is not working when a Date modifier is used
  15. Background Service - Converting an exported document to PDF does not always work
  16. Bad Performance or Timeouts when Adding Cases or Names
  17. Block Booking - Object reference exception when booking virtual block with location for scheduling an appointment from new service file form
  18. Block Booking - Reserved Blocks show HTML when ampersand is in the text displayed
  19. Booking Calendar - after a block booking search times out, the next search produces error: There is already an object named PK_VendorCalendar in the database
  20. Booking Calendar - Search throws unhandled exception if the search times out
  21. Case - Not refreshing case/service file after workflow transition from Workflow Update form
  22. Case - Notes - Only shows Claimant Notes if the Case references the first version of the Name
  23. Case - Notes - slow to retrieve the list of Notes/Emails
  24. Case - Service file update not paying attention to Version Id difference
  25. Case Maintenance - New Provider Menu "Reserve Blocks" does not check form access for option
  26. Charge Maintenance - client rate populated with the correct amount from the fee schedule showed as missing upon saving
  27. Custom Reports - Clicking in the Filter Row on a hyperlinked column, launches an empty form
  28. Document - "That record already exists" exception when adding multiple documents at the same time
  29. Document Download - When set to download as PDF, every single type of document is sent to the client as PDF, even if they cannot successfully be converted to PDF
  30. Email Management - Large mailboxes throw OutOfMemoryException when checking emails
  31. Generic Document - fallback document store not set to the generated document when primary document store is in failure state
  32. Missing Documents - Scheduled Templates - not properly generating the resulting document
  33. Navigation Ribbon - showing X icons in some scenarios
  34. New Service - Appointment not scheduled when Report Due Date / Deadline Date warning shows up
  35. New Service - form not closed when succeeded in saving service file with warning
  36. New Service - reverts to today's date when overriding referral date and/or start date
  37. New Service - Service Type, Service, and Workflow fields are not properly defaulted after the first service is saved
  38. New Service - Start Date always set to after Report Due Date or Deadline Date when Report Requirement not configured
  39. New Service - unable to select service when service type is not set on case
  40. New Service File - Object reference not set to an instance of an object when clicking Appointment (calendar icon) Button after selecting a vendor but not selecting the location
  41. Note - "That record already exists" exception when adding multiple notes at the same time
  42. Provider Schedule - Provider blocks applied from template off by an hour
  43. Snippet Manager - when the optional subject field is not entered, an error is encountered: Value cannot be null
  44. User Maintenance - Signature is not being cleared when copying a user
  45. Vendor Calendar - Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception when double clicking and in appointment mode
  46. W5 Outlook Add-In - causes Outlook to lock MSG files that the user opens
  47. W5 Outlook Add-In - fixed various compatibility issues related to recent updates to Outlook
  48. W5 Outlook Add-In - not able to type the File # into the input field running Outlook 2016 under Windows 10 1903 or higher
  49. Web API - Get Case Statistics method call is slow to complete in some scenarios
  50. Web Document Download as PDF - an empty page is shown
  51. Workflow Action - Direct Action - causing comments to be removed
  52. Workflow Definition - when setting "Create Document" sub-action to use "Prior Appt Status", error occurs
  53. Workflow Monitor - Excel Export contains different Duration at Step values than what the Workflow Monitor shows
  54. Workflow Status Update - workflow status not refresh on case maintenance after action is taken from the workflow status update form
  55. Workflows - After an action trigger response fires to move the workflow, it is assigned to user W5WADMIN

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