Changes Included in W5 Case Version

Changes Included in W5 Case Version

What's New!!

Document Enhancements  

Case Documents – Accessing, Opening, Editing and Saving

Quicker and easier access to edit, download, and save documents from the Documents list using the new Action button.

Document Library

A New button is now available that allows you to create an empty template directly from the Document Library.  Just specify the document type and then press the New button to have W5 create a blank template for you.

RPX Template Format

RPX Templates can be used to create Enhanced document templates or Custom report templates that allow for precise placement capability for text and fields.  This can be very useful for preprinted forms.

Emailing Documents

When emailing or saving a document, W5 will now name the resulting document according to the Document Reference, not the internal Document path.

Saving Vouchers to Files

W5 can now save system created Vouchers to a File using an Action Trigger configuration.
Contact us via the Support portal for assistance in setting this up.

Batch Document Printing - Office Filtering

W5 now offers office selection and filtering when batch printing. 


Outbound Voice Calling

Using, W5 can now offer automated voice call capabilities.
This can be used to contact any phone number.  For instance, make a voice call to Claimants for appointment reminders.
Contact us via the Support portal for assistance in setting this up.
* A Twilio account is required.  The cost for making voice calls is billed directly to you from Twilio.

Reporting Enhancements

Reports Tab

The Standard and Custom Reports now show on their own Reports tab within W5.  With this enhancement, both standard and custom reports have been segmented to keep the reports contained and easily accessed and allow any of them to be added as a shortcut to the quick access bar. Use the Refresh Reports button to refresh the list as permissions to new reports are granted.

Standard and Custom report categories are listed for each.

Other Enhancements 

Within a Custom report, simpler criteria selection per field can be added.

Previous Version

NEW Version

User Security Enhancements 

User password lengths can now be up to 200 characters

Visibility Enhancements 

New Case Form

For Name Types, the Contact Name and Phone number can now be entered in the New Case Form directly.

Contact on Parties Involved

Within a case, the corresponding Contact Name and phone number will be visible in the Parties Involved section. 

Show Hidden Codes

A new option to show hidden (Not Visible) codes within the Search pop-up from within the Maintenance forms.  

Other Enhancements 

Action Trigger - Email Summary Response

Action Trigger – Email Summary response – when specifying an Hour of day, allow for a Time zone to be selected as well.

W5 Desktop Error Logging

Errors will now be logged on user desktops, an additional resource for troubleshooting
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\W5\logs – named for the date the incident occurred on - user to email to us

New W5 Client Portal

Please review the link below for a brief demo on its new look and functionality

A new portal interface has been created with enhanced features and capabilities. This portal points to a DIFFERENT URL and REQUIRES configuration PRIOR to being able to launch to your clients. Please contact the W5 Customer Support Team for additional support.


  1. A/R - adding credit adjustments is failing with error: Reference [] was NOT found in the Invoice table

  1. Action Trigger - Add Charge Response does not create a new Charge at all

  1. Action Trigger - response to send Documents via Email, only sends the email when set to attach the Email to the file

  1. Action Trigger - the "Override Report Due Date or Deadline Date" response fails to properly set the date when the macro exceeds 40 characters

  1. Action Trigger - triggers on Ancillary Scheduled Items cause failures to occur

  1. Action Trigger - workflow responses failing with error: 207 - Invalid column name W5ID_File [W5I_ACTIONRESPONSE_PROCESSINGALLOPENWORKFLOW]

  1. Document From Template - error in some cases: The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded

  1. Documents - PDF merging is failing with errors: Unknown encryption type R = 6; PdfReader not opened with owner password

  1. New Appointment - When scheduling an appointment with a trigger that recorded an Action, error: Column 'W5GI_Key' does not belong to table W5Table_2041_0

  1. Template Reports - Label Sheet Skip Count is not working as no labels are skipped

  1. W5 overall - slow performance after update to - Audit maintenance taking up too many resources

  1. Case - Provider Bills - listing files in the incorrect order when there are more than nine services

  1. Case Maintenance - Documents List - when document folders exist, the document list is empty by default until the user clicks a button to show the list

  1. Case Maintenance - Notes throw exception "Value cannot be null" if call for user setting NOTEOPTION fails

  1. Client on File - Contact Type drop down is showing Contact Types set as not visible

  1. Custom Reports - Templated custom reports no longer fill in at all

  1. Document - when uploading documents, W5 is requiring Modify access on the file that is being uploaded when browsing in the file

  1. Document Maintenance - Save as PDF and Open - The "Save as type" drop down is empty

  1. Eforms are sometimes losing their values when you click the Save button multiple times quickly

  1. Email Snippets - long sentences don't wrap when there's an html signature in Outlook

  1. GridExport - Fix error handling - Object Reference error

  1. Group Maintenance - Use Group Rates does not save if you save while not looking at the Accounting tab

  1. Provider Maintenance - Block Duration does not save if you save while not looking at the Provider tab

  1. User Form Settings - Fix retrieval to not show errors to the user

  1. Vendor Block Calendar - When searching for Vendor Blocks, error: The statement has been terminated. Cannot insert the value NULL

  1. Workflow Monitor - Object reference not set to an instance of an object after creating new workflow step

  1. Outlook Add-In Exception registering Sent Items folder and subsequent SendQueueWatcher Maintenance exceptions

  1. Outlook Add-In Exception when Data File has a Trash Bin folder, but no Sent Items folder

  1. Outlook Add-In SendQueueWatcher exception "Input string was not in a correct format"

  1. Web API - Calling case retrieve with a service file number returns only partial case data

  1. Web API - Case Retrieve doesn't return W5 Error Message properly

  1. Web API - Case/Service File Questions don't include question text or heading text

  1. Web API - Should not return private notes / documents for not advanced opmodes

  1. Web Login via Auto Action link - leaves the session with an empty Time zone, meaning all dates are showing incorrectly

  1. Web Portal - New Referral - Pressing "Enter" key in text fields submits case and locks tabs

  1. Web Portal - Review Referral - Workflow Status should be hidden when the site option indicates to hide Workflow status

  1. Background Service - On premise services should not run delayed triggers, timers, or audit maintenance

  1. Background Service - Queued Custom Reports with numeric/decimal parameters fail to execute

  1. Background Service - Queued reports sent via Email are not saved back into W5

  1. Custom Reports - background emailed reports are showing all cases instead of the cases that the requesting user has access to

  1. Outbound Emails - not being sent to CC nor BCC email addresses; also wrong Reply To is sometimes set

  1. Scheduled Custom Report - when no records are found and the report chooses to not send out, an empty temporary file remains on the server

  1. Action Trigger - Appointment Status conditions - producing errors and causing trigger to not succeed

  1. Multi-Document Upload - Doesn't honor the document class private flag default option for looking to site config

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