Changes Included in W5 Case Version

Changes Included in W5 Case Version

What's New

New Case - you can now add Services immediately after adding the Case

This is configured by adding an "Add Services" item to the Case Configuration (Admin tab > System Control > Configuration > Case Configuration)


New Service - you can now Schedule an Appointment while adding the Service

A new "Set Appointment" checkbox can optionally be shown, which when checked, will show an extra section allowing you to schedule an appointment.

The Set Appointment checkbox is controlled by the site option: Appointment > Allow scheduling of an Appointment when adding a new Service (APP_FROM_NEWSERVICE)

Workflow - a new pop-up menu allows you to quickly take an action or go directly to step

We have added a new pop-up menu that allows you to quickly take an action or go directly to a step.  The menu is shown when you click the action button (or workflow link on the Case form Service List)

The menu has been added to:

  • Case form - Services List
  • Case form - Workflow List
  • Case form - Service Status tab
  • Workflow Monitor

This feature is always on for all users, but will only be accessible if the user has access to the workflow at the current step.

Also, direct actions will only show up for users that have access.  The already existing feature access that controls this is: Workflow On File > Allow Direct Action


  • Open Service File List - now totals all charges instead of just the Service, No Show, and Cancellation charges
  • Questions - increased the character limit of questions to 4000 characters (from 1000)
  • Workflow - Create Note sub-action - allow use of enhanced macros
    • RTF template macros should be reviewed if they have been used historically in your Note sub-actions and replaced if needed
  • Hosted W5 - added the ability to failover to a secondary document store in the event of the primary store being inaccessible
    • In the event of failure, the failover would be set by BCCORP engineers.
    • Because of how we have W5 configured on Azure, even in the event of a primary document store failure, all documents would still be accessible as read-only.  Then if the user elects to make changes to a document, the document would be switched to be stored on the failover document store instead.  
    • While in a failover state, any new documents would automatically be added to the failover document store.
    • The bottomline is that even if the primary site fails, it would not affect the users in any way.


  • Background Service - Out of memory exception when trying to export and combine large PDF documents
  • Billing - causing error: query timeout expired
  • New Case - Error when adding a case with a venue that has a code larger than 5 characters: String or binary data would be truncated
  • Open Services List - Performance Issues even for a small number of results
  • Provider Maintenance - Credentials - showing Specialties and Professions that have been marked as not visible
  • SecureDocs - comments cut off when an ampersand is encountered
  • User Maintenance - Deleting users in large databases can be very slow
  • Vendor Availability Calendar - Performance issue when loading the form
  • Vendor Search -  Showing specialties and professions that have been marked as not visible on the search result
  • Web API - Query timeout when getting session information for new user
  • Workflow Monitor - Workflows moving to the end step are not moved in the monitor
  • Workflow On File - DBNull Cast error when loading a workflow on a Case
  • Workflow Status Update - "Object  cannot be cast from DBNull to other types." exception when taking or cancelling action
  • Workflow Status Update - Showing "No Client Charges were processed" error when automatically creating a charge for a late cancel


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